About Us

BuyMetrics founder knew: where commodities/standardized products could be readily identified in marketplace, and delivery/logistics managed, the BUYER could control the purchase interface and leverage the derived market knowledge.

Company Overview

  • 1995 BuyMetrics Inc. (originally named ProBuild) founded in Seattle WA by Valerie Hansen, Boyd Multerer1 and Beverly Multerer2 (Hansen’s daughter).3
  • 1996 ProBuild Inc. incorporated in Wisconsin.
  • 1996 ProLink®, our first product launches, connecting lumberyards with their builder customers.
  • 1999 Information Week names BuyMetrics an E-Business 100 Innovator.
  • 2000 BuyMetrics® (Enterprise), our second product launches.
  • 2001 Alan Gay joins the Company as CEO4.
  • 2003 Company headquarters relocated from Wisconsin to Georgia to accommodate Gay.
  • 2006 Company name changed to BuyMetrics, the ProBuild trademark and domain sold to ProBuild Holdings Inc.
  • 2008 BuyMetrics Pro launched.
  • 2008 ProLink software discontinued
  • 2010 Prolink® Trademark sold to ProBuild Holdings Inc. The proceeds were donated to the NLBMDA.
  • 2008 - 2022 Continuous development of our solutions, client base expands.
  • 2021 Alan Gay retires.
  • 2022 Company domicile/headquarters returns to Wisconsin (operations, development never left Wisconsin).

In 1999/2000 Scott Moll built BuyMetrics as a service – at a time when <1% of software was offered as a service (e.g. Hotmail). We knew purchasing needed highly tailored, interactive technology – the kind of software existing backoffice IT departments would not support/maintain. Our first hurdle was to convince lumberyards and their vendors that they needed an Internet connection. In the early years, clients used to marvel at magic middle-of-night updates. Now they have come to expect continuous roll-outs, rock solid performance, take for granted the ability to work from anywhere (via private channel), on any device connected to the Internet. In 2022 we salute our pioneering early-adaptors. See clients

Management Team

Valerie Hansen, Founder and Chairman

Ms. Hansen held key administrative positions within the University of Wisconsin System before assuming the leadership of her family's building materials business in 1978. As owner and CEO, Hansen led Big Buck Building Centers, Custom Component Company, and ProMillwork for 30 years until their sale in June 2008.

An innovator, Hansen transformed the Company from cash & carry retail into a tech-savvy, builder-focused, value-add manufacturer/distributor5. Throughout her long career she actively participated at national level in the NLBMDA (working with NAHB and American Lumber Standards Committee) and Lumbermens Merchandising Corp (LMC). From 2000-2019 Hansen earned 21 U.S. patents for inventions in the technical areas of finance and data processing (assigned to BuyMetrics).

Scott Moll, VP of Engineering

Mr. Moll has 30 years of experience in application design and development, and has led the company's development effort for the past 23 years. He combines proven technical expertise with a strong knowledge of commodity purchasing practices. Mr. Moll holds B.S. degrees in physics and computer science and a Masters degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin.

1 Boyd Multerer is the founder of Xbox Live and the former Director of Development for Microsoft’s Xbox Console. He is currently an active entrepreneur, founder and CEO of KRY10
2 Beverly Multerer is a serial entrepreneur, graduate degrees in architecture and materials engineering.
3 ProBuild was their second start-up. Bev and Boyd Multerer had previously founded Zephyr Design and developed a range of software solutions. Zephyr’s product line was sold to Aldus (as Aldus was being acquired by Adobe). Valerie Hansen served as business advisor to Zephyr.
4 Alan Gay formerly held VP positions at Georgia Pacific and IBM. In 2021 he also retired as Chairman FNB Bank, Atlanta.
5 See ITW/Alpine GOOD CONNECTIONS (Jan 2006), Real Estate & Construction Review(2007).