Connections Portal

BuyMetrics Connections Portal

BuyMetrics Connections portal supports all connections between buyers, sellers, and their computer systems. For security, BuyMetrics authenticates all users. The use of e-mail is intentionally limited (mitigating cyber risk). Vendor notifications (if received via e-mail) take vendor to a secure BuyMetrics interface before any data is entered. BuyMetrics Connections portal also enables vendors to manage the BuyMetrics interacts with multiple customers (using BuyMetrics) from a dashboard on the Connections portal. From the portal vendors can

  • Initiate offers (unsolicited, not in response to current RFQ) to buyers they have quoted the product to in the past XX days (RFQ). Offers may go to one or more of the vendor’s customers. Note: offers originating on the Portal go directly into your buyer’s BuyMetrics workspace – they’re never lost among spam and e-mail clutter.
  • Send shipment notifications, PO status updates to buyer, receive inquiries/requests from Buyer

Direct vendor access to BuyMetrics Connections Portal is subject to Terms-of-Use. Registration is self-service and required for each vendor agent (individual). Some features, such as the ability to send OFFERS directly into a specific buyer’s BuyMetrics desktop, are under the control of the individual buyer. Registration is required to use the portal. Registration does not grant access to any particular buyer using BuyMetrics. Only the buyer can authorize vendor to send offers directly into the buyer’s workspace.

BuyMetrics ConnectionsAPI

The BuyMetrics Connection API provides vendors a callable API with which they can download purchase orders and optionally provide order confirmation and corresponding sales/mill order and load readiness information/status updates. The API is accompanied by a supplier portal with which the supplier manages the identities of its sales personnel. The format of the purchase order document can be customized to the supplier's specifications, and an optional client library for the API is available.

The BuyMetrics CONNECTION API is provided on a fee basis and is subject to execution of a license agreement.